Tutorials & Resources

One of my passions is helping other people have FUN through art, especially those who are beginners or those who feel like they don’t have a creative bone in their bodies.  I believe that EVERYONE can be creative!

So many wonderful artists have shared their techniques with me and this Tutorials & Resources Page is my way of “PAYING IT FORWARD” to others who want to learn.  Enjoy!  And feel free to share the links!  I’ll be adding many more tutorials and adding videos soon!


Valentine’s Day Heart Ornament Tutorial – mixed media ornament with downloadable PDF






How to Make Inchie Art – tiny 1″ works of art – fun for people of all ages and perfect for beginners

Inchie Winter Girl with Button

Forest Floor Textured Journal Cover Technique – journal cover texture that looks like the leaves and debris found on a forest floor

Two Techniques for Dyeing and Staining Cotton Lace  Tutorial – learn to use alcohol inks to paint lace with intense colors and tea-stain lace to get a soft, vintage look

Mistys Art Lace Dye Techniques

Budget Studio Makeover Ideas – a DIY studio for those with very low budgets

Paint Storage Crates

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