Tutorial – Valentine’s Day Heart Ornament

Mini-tutorial – Valentine’s Day Heart Ornament (16-Jan-2011)

This quick and easy heart ornament is perfect to make for a little Valentine’s Day gift or for any occasion when you’d like to express love and affection.  This ornament was designed by Misty’s Art; however, as long as I’m given credit, feel free to copy or share this tutorial with others freely.  ENJOY!!!

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Supplies Needed:

  • Clear plastic or glass ornament (the wider the opening at the top of the neck, the better).
  • Scrapbook paper – two pieces in colors that contrast but look nice together
  • Square pattern or punch in a size that will fit inside the ornament  (mine was a 2″ square punch)
  • Heart pattern or punch – smaller than the square
  • Gel pens
  • Glue
  • Ink pads or fluid chalk pads
  • Hole punch
  • Eyelet and eyelet setter
  • Beads
  • Tiny hearts punched out of double-sided paper or cardstock
  • Tweezers
  • Ribbon

1) Choose two papers that look nice together.  Thinner paper works best as you will be rolling your little artwork into a tube shape to insert it into the ornament later on.  Punch out one square of each paper and one heart from each paper.

2) Glue heart from paper 1 onto square cut from paper 2.  Blue the heart from paper 2 onto the square from paper one.  Glue both squares together back-to-back.

3) Decorate the hearts using Gel pens in the colors of your choice.  You can decorate the edges of the squares too, if desired.  I used a gold metallic ink pad on the edges.

To add more depth to the piece, you can use rubber stamps with ink or fluid chalk to stamp on designs.

Decorate both sides – they don’t have to be exactly the same…do whatever “your heart desires”.

To insert the eyelet, punch a hole using a hole punch tool or a large needle…don’t get too close to the edge of the paper or the eyelet won’t set properly.  Remember to work on a cutting board or mat or other suitable surface.

Insert the eyelet and use your eyelet setter and hammer to set.

Attach a colored string or thread through the eyelet and tie two ends together to make a loop.

Add beads, tiny heart cut outs (double-sided paper), buttons, stars…whatever you’d like to the ornament by dropping them through the ornament neck and letting them settle to the bottom.  I found these little L-O-V-E beads in my stash and dyed them with alcohol ink (cranberry).

Now for the tricky part…  Very gently, roll your heart square into a tube shape.  Be very careful!  Insert the tube into the ornament keeping the end of the string hanging out the top of the ornament (you’ll be attaching this to the top when you close up the ornament).  Once you get the heart squares inside – you’ll have to use whatever means you have handy (long tweezers, pencil, knitting needle, chopstick, etc.) to UNROLL the paper and flatten it.  Be patient – I found that long tweezers worked the best.Next hold the ornament upright…figure out how you would like to position the heart within the ornament.  Adjust the position by using the string attached to the ornament to raise or lower your heart.  Once you’ve decided where it looks best to you.  Now you have to figure out how to attach your string.  It depends on your ornament’s construction.  Sometimes, you can attach it to a loop under the cap.  If there’s no loop under the cap, you can hold the string against the neck or the ornament with the excess hanging over the side and then place the ornament cap on the ornament to close it.  You can cut off excess string or tie it around the outside of the ornament’s neck.

Add ribbon, beads, silk flowers or whatever embellishments you’d like to the ornament neck.

Tip – Use a toilet paper roll – standing on its end (see below), to hold the ornament still between steps and to keep it from rolling away.  😉

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