About Misty Frederick-Ritz 

Mixed Media & Digital Artist

I’m a painter, jewelry maker, mixed media artist, and digital  artist from State College, Pennsylvania.  I have a passion for color and texture and love spending time in my studio.  I particularly enjoy restoring old family photos and making them looking like new!  I enjoy Art Journaling and freely admit my addiction to art supplies (and I don’t really want to be cured!). I mainly work with acrylics, watercolors, water soluble crayons, inks, polymer clay, beads and buttons, fabrics and fibers and colored pencils.  My recent works, painted in a style known as “contemporary symbolism”, best represent me as a creative and spiritual person.  Frequently featuring a feminine archetype, my paintings are an “outer” representation of my “inner”self.

Visit my portfolio to see selected pieces. Visit my Misty’s Art Etsy Shop to purchase originals and limited edition prints of my work.  If you see something in my portfolio and would like to purchase a print, contact me.  I also take on commission work from time to time. My pieces been shown in various locations in Central PA and is available for display at galleries and local businesses.

Certified “Color of Woman®” Teacher  & Intentional Creativity Coach

For more than a year, I studied painting with internationally known artist and entrepreneur, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  In 2013, I was accepted into her “Color of Woman” Global Teacher Certification Program.  Her amazing 13-step painting method has been used by thousands of women around the world to create beautiful paintings of the feminine archetype.  As the school’s very first graduate from Pennsylvania, I’m proud to bring these amazing workshops to my region.  I’m now offering “Color of Woman” Workshops for artists of all skill levels.

Faculty Member – Color of Woman® School’s Teacher Training Program

Since completing the Color of Woman® certification program, I’was invited to become part of the school’s faculty – teaching workshop design labs,; providing technical support for Livestream sessions, Ning classroom, and the school’s Facebook groups.  I also was the school’s Community Coordinator.

Workshop Instructor & Group Facilitator

I enjoy creating opportunities for Central Pennsylvania women and girls to come together in circles, discussion groups and workshops offering:  community, connection, thought-provoking discussions, and activities that foster personal growth & self-discovery.  Visit my Projects & Events page to see some of my activities.

Women’s Creativity Circles

I recently started a local Women’s Creativity Circle that meets monthly to learn mixed media skills and to share time together creating art.  Each month has a different project theme.  A small fee is charged to cover room costs and supplies. My goal is to help other women start similar groups in their own areas.  I’ll be providing access to free & low cost materials, resources & leaders’ support/coaching. More to come in 2016…

Project Management & Event Planning

I love project management and have overseen numerous creative projects, marketing initiatives and events for many years.  Over time, I’ve learned tips and tricks to make the planning part much easier and make the events or projects run smoothly and efficiently.  I really enjoy teaching others how to enhance their own skills OR coaching others on how to improve their strategic and marketing efforts for their businesses.

Misty Frederick Ritz Shiloh Sophia McCloud NYC

Misty Frederick Ritz with mentor and Visionary Artist, Shiloh Sophia McCloud The Open Center, New York, NY




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