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What are Inchies?

Inchies are a type of tiny collage art which have become popular in recent years because they are quick to make, easy to transport and store, inexpensive to make, and appeal to those who like miniature/small things.  Inchies are just one of the many types of Mixed Media and Collage Art – Inchies, Twinchies, Rinchies, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), Tag art, Journals, and more. You can create inchies that feature your pets, your children, or using photos, stickers or pictures from magazines or the internet.  See examples on Page 2…

Making inchies is easy, inexpensive and a great way to pass time or keep your hands busy (particularly good if you’re dieting and want to keep your mind off FOOD!).  Inchies can be made by children or adults, so this can be a fun type of art to teach kids.  I find that even BOYS have fun making inchies!

What Can You Do with Inchies?

Trade them, create mosaics, make magnets, gift card tags, greeting cards, photo cubes, charms, and more.

Inchie Art Tag for Valentines Day

Inchie Art Tag for Valentines Day

Mistys Inchie Beaded Magnet

Inchie Magnet - paper inchie mounted on a painted wood square, embellished with glass beads, magnet glued on the back


Mistys Inchie Beaded Magnet

Basic Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks or regular paper glue
  • Background Paper
  • Images
  • Embellishments
  • Words or letters
  • 1” pattern or punch

Optional Supplies:

  • Stickers
  • Rubber stamps/ink pads
  • Gel pens
  • Sharpie (fine point)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Fancy edge scissors
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • Glitter
  • Rhinestones, buttons, beads, brads or other 3-D embellishments
  • Tacky glue for 3-D embellishments
  • Punches – 7/8” punch; 1 ½” or 2” punch to create matting, if desired
  • Decorative punches
  • Sealant:  spray fixative OR matte medium OR Modpodge/decoupage


  • Tags
  • Ribbon
  • Wooden squares, cubes or blocks
  • Magnet disks
  • Charm holders
  • Mini plastic bags
  • Pocket pages


Basic Inchie Instructions:


1)      Choose a 1” background.

2)    Choose a main image and cut it out.

3)    Select secondary images, if desired (wings, hearts, stars, hat, etc)

4)    Choose text, if desired (word or a letter).



1)      Arrange & move components on the background until you find a layout that is pleasing to you.

2)    Glue pieces into place.



Here are just a few ideas for you to try:

  • Glue a rhinestone, beads, or button on your inchies
  • Draw dots, swirls, dashes, dotted lines, etc. with Sharpies or gel pens
  • Use rubber stamps and ink
  • Decorate the edge with gel pen or ink or glue and glitter
  • Dry brush acrylic paint on the edges



Apply sealant, if desired.





You can make a background out of almost any kind of sturdy paper or cardstock.  Ideas include:  sheet music, pages from old books, thicker magazine covers or pages, old greeting cards or gift tags, paint color samples or make your own with paints, colored pencils, etc.


Use patterned paper or create patterned paper by rubber stamping or drawing with gel pens or markers.



You can ink the edges with a stamp pad

Use decorative edge scissors

Draw a border on the edge of the paper (solid line, dots, dashes, work well)

Dip the edge in glue and then in fine cut glitter







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