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 Misty offers a variety of creative activities including Color of Woman Intuitive Painting workshops;mixed media workshops; leadership development workshops, and Women’s Creativity Circles.  She also offers private parties and sessions for individuals, groups and businesses.  On this page, you’ll find descriptions of some of the courses I offer and I’m always working on new content!  Read some of my students’ testimonials.

Color of Woman® Intuitive Painting Workshops

Misty Frederick-Ritz is a graduate of Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s Color of Woman® School and is both a Certified Color of Woman Teacher & a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach.

Color of Woman  workshops are 1 and 2 day courses that offer a step-by-step for women to learn to paint from the “INSIDE OUT”.  Learn to tap into your visionary imagination and paint beautiful images of female archetypes.  Even those with little or no painting experience will enjoy these sessions!

Imagine spending a day exploring your creative side in a supportive and casual environment. You’re invited to join me and a small group of other women in a unique workshop, designed to call out your inner artist. No painting experience? Don’t worry! Color of Woman workshops offer a proven, step-by-step painting method which works for ALL experience levels…

Finding Your Muse Workshop Group

“Finding Your Muse” Workshop

Each Color of Woman session a Red Thread Ceremony, a very special opening segment designed to foster connectivity and community.  We’ll go over some painting basics and have a discussion about the day’s topic.  Before we start painting, we’ll walk through a brief, guided meditation and visioning exercise to help you connect to images and personal symbols .  Next we’ll do some journaling to help you capture what you experienced during the visioning.  We’ll take those images to the canvas and you’ll be guided through the process of creating a painting that reflects the insights you’ve gained.  All supplies are included!  Class sizes are limited!

Color of Woman® Workshop Offerings Include:

“Finding Your Muse”

Are you ready for a “Muse Encounter”?  This full-day workshop will help you access and paint your very own Muse and you’ll discover how to tap into your own inner, creative wisdom.  This workshop is perfect for beginners and experienced painters. LEVEL:  Beginner/Intermediate


“Lighting Your Sacred Fire”

Ignite your own Divine Spark and learn to connect more deeply to the Sacred through intentional creativity and painting.  This workshop is not specifically religious; however, it is spiritual in nature. For some, that connection is God, Jesus or “Our Lady”…for others, it’s the Goddess, another feminine archetype or an aspect of self.  This painting workshop will also show you how to add more personal ritual to your everyday life and discover how to incorporate creativity as a sacred practice.  This full-day workshop also includes a segment on creating personal altars and sacred spaces and includes some writing, reflection and journaling activities.  LEVEL:  Beginner/Intermediate


“Dreaming in Living Color”

The focus of this full-day painting workshop on YOU and YOUR DREAMS.  What makes you HAPPY?  What DELIGHTS YOUR SPIRIT?  This is a day of self-discovery that will help you determine how to move toward your desires and set a course of action to reach them.  We’ll invite the Muse to help you make your Colorful Life Dreams come true!

“Alchemical Affirmation Cards (aka Medicine Cards)”

The focus of this 2  -3 hour workshop is healing through art and positive affirmations.  Attendees will walk through some reflection and writing exercises to identify areas of negativity or challenges.  Next we’ll work on transforming those into positive affirmation statements.  Each participant will create her own personal set of affirmation cards.

“Self-care and Healing for People in Helping Professions”

This workshop can be scaled to fit different time frames and involves group discussion about how, as a person working in a field that involves caring for others (social work, health care, etc.) along with a simple creative project.  I adjust the content and project depending on the needs of the group and/or organization.


Additional Art Workshops:

  • “Discovering Your Animal Totem” (One Day Painting Workshop)
  • Art Journaling (Series or One Day Workshop)
  • Gratitude Journals (Series or One Day Workshop)
  • Prayer Books, Wish Books, Intuition Books, Medicine Books/Medicine Bags (3 hr workshops)
  • Inspiration Cards (3 hr workshop)
  • “How to Create Personal Altars or Sacred Spaces” (3 hr workshop)
  • Spirit Boxes, Wish Boxes, Prayer Boxes (3 hr workshop)

Creative Leadership Workshops:

  • Project Management & Event Planning for Creative Types
  • “Creative Catalyst:  How to Make Things Happen & Bring People Together in Your Community”
  • “How to Start & Run a Book Club or Reading Circle”

  “Art Parties”

Do you need a unique party idea?  To you and your friends want to have a private group session?  Does your club or organization want to sponsor a painting workshop?  Contact me for rates and information.

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