“Misty has such a beautifully authentic and nurturing presence as a teacher.  Her passion for creating shines brightly as she graciously guides her students through the magical Color of Woman painting process.   Her gentle, yet powerful presence, along with her amazing artistic talents fuse to create a truly transformational creative experience, regardless of one’s painting experience. You created an amazing environment of openness, warmth and encouragement!”

~ Cindy B. – King of Prussia, PA

“Many of the participants expressed trepidation, or even doubt, at the thought of intuitive painting, myself included.  But as Misty started her presentation and the meditation, we could all see that we would be guided at every step, both by Misty, and the muse she helped us find.  Misty excelled at presenting not only the technical aspects, i.e., drawing symbols and faces, color-blocking, and shading, but also the abstract ideas involved – painting from the inside out, following our instincts, listening to our muses, and supported us all along the journey.  All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I will be hanging my first painting in my foyer so she can speak to me every time I pass her.”

~ Kristin D. – State College, PA

“Truly a life shifting day with Misty finding my muse — superb, warm leadership and guidance which were absolutely vital to creating a safe space for expression and trying, wonderful connection with the class, divine playing with color and allowing my goddess / muse to flow up and out of my body/mind/soul and onto the canvas, and I am in love with her.  So looking forward to more.”  

~ Sue S. – Stormstown, PA

“I loved the Color of Woman Workshop.  Misty is an awesome teacher!  She was very inspirational and helped me step out of my box and set my “Muse” free.   At the workshop I discovered a talent that I didn’t know I had.  I highly recommend Misty and her workshop!”

~ Mary D. –  Altoona, PA

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